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Is your site design navigation-friendly?

Is your site design navigation-friendly?

A visitor can test your website’s worth in a single scroll. How? By analyzing the difficulty level of your navigation. The website’s structure is acting as a pillar and one mistake, the whole body crumbles. This is one of the first factors that is noticed by the users as well as the search engines and decides the future of your website.


Things to keep in mind
Coming straight to the focus areas, here are some things that should not be avoided and MUST be taken into consideration while you plan your site’s structure. Keeping it user and bot-friendly is the main motive here.
•    Kind of navigation – Try to put elements in standard corners of the website. Always make sure that the navigation is simple and vertical i.e. your website should be extended vertically and not horizontally. Horizontal navigation is messy to use while a sleek vertical layout is a treat to eyes.
•    Format of navigation – As cool and trendy as the JavaScript/Flash navigation formats appear, they are considered bad when it comes to SEO practices. They are hard to index and crawl which makes it harder for the website to get noticed. Use HTML/CSS for navigation formats to make the users as well the search engine crawlers happy.
•    Your navigation labels – Putting traditional words like “products” or “services” in your main menu is not a good idea. Instead put actual keywords or service like “Swimwear” if you are selling swimming essentials. Search engines can display your page well and the customers can reach you faster through these terms.
•    Click navigation – This is navigation through clicks or links within your website. Make sure that the user is able to get to every page inside the website with maximum three clicks. This makes all content easily accessible to the users and also the crawlers. Otherwise, for the website having too many links, the visitors get frustrated when they have to go very deep to find something and leave your website. This increases your bounce rate and hits your SEO strategy hard.



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