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Is your SEO friendly website responsive?

Is your SEO friendly website responsive?

When we talk of optimization, we are talking of a big picture which includes multi-platform accessibility of a website. Browsing internet is no more limited to the desktop; in fact studies suggest that 20% of browsing is now done through mobiles, tablets and other devices. With this percentage increasing day by day, you don’t want to disappoint the small device audience and that is why your website needs to be responsive.   A responsive website means it can optimize itself or rather “fit in” with every screen size allowing easy quick navigation. Responsive design stays user-friendly on any device by automatically reformatting the elements like content, images, icons etc. of the website for smooth access. Considering search engine optimization, responsive design is a crucial feature of your website and this is how it helps your site get better ranking in SERP (our ultimate goal): Responsive design loved by Google Certainly, as Google declared that responsive designs are in and when giants suggest, the world follows. Responsive sites mean common URL and coding on all devices and this saves Google from doing double the work as indexing and crawling needs to be done just once.  Also, a separate site for mobile would make the linking and sharing complex followed by a bad user-experience, which is big No for SEO. Allows focused SEO on one URL Since the site’s URL is same for all devices, the SEO strategies can be applied to one single platform and backlinks as well as social shares can be listed and maintained easily. This means that whether you are getting audience from tablet or desktop, your site is earning better grades in SERPs. Solves the problem of high bounce rates If a user is leaving any website too soon, it suggests that the website has a high bounce rate. Google directly relates bounce rate with poor content and performance. Thus, higher the bounce rate, lower the ranking of the website. Websites not opening properly in other devices irritate the users forcing them to close tabs (we all suffer this) and this is a bad sign. If design is responsive, it will open soon and users can enjoy a great experience irrespective of their screen size. There is more coming-up in our next session – Meta Data and SEO. Stay tuned.


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