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Does your site have right Meta data for SEO?

Does your site have right Meta data for SEO?

Search engines have specialized programs, aptly termed as “spiders” that visit your website, understand it and gives it rank in the search results page. This information is presented by “meta tags”. These tags are secret whisperers of your website’s content letting the spiders and the users know what’s inside. With descriptive and proper use of Meta tags, your website can jump in ranks and get discovered by the right business leads, a genuine sign of good SEO.


But where is this tag? It is hidden behind every page. The Meta data can be viewed by right clicking anywhere on the page and hitting “view page source”.

This how a Meta-data looks like:

<title>Olive oil beneficial for your skin</title>
<meta name=“description” content= “How is olive oil beneficial for your skin”/>
<meta name=“keywords” content= “olive oil, benefits of olive oil, skin, olive health”/>

The Meta data has 3 key elements and this is how SEO gets a boost if you understand these:

This is the information that is displayed in blue color i.e. the heading of different links when we search for anything. This tag tells the users as well as the spiders about the content present on your website.
Keep this short and to-the-point. No repetition of keywords and approx. 60 characters including primary keywords. This is your actual title that defines your page and its theme and Google relies on this to give you ranking.

This is the description that appears in black, just under the blue title on search result page. This should be descriptive as it tells visitors little more of your content or business. It should be concise and catchy to attract the right kind of traffic.
Use the keyword at least once in the first line. It is also great if you keep the beginning lines of meta-description similar to the content on page. This ensures that the consumers/users receive just what they expected on visiting.

This attribute tells the bots of your keywords and are only read by bots. These keywords are the ones that are present on the particular page.
Make sure you only put relevant and actual keywords. Irrelevant info should be kept aside if you want to see results of search engine optimization. Google is quite strict ad even pull you down in ranking if you stuff keywords.

Here is how Meta tags can help gather leads by building interest and giving users a quick preview of your site’s potential.



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