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Does your SEO strategy include Site Map?

Does your SEO strategy include Site Map?

To begin with, sitemap is the index of your website that is similar to a family tree showing webpages in a hierarchy. Sitemap, as the names gives out, is a detailed map that tells the users as well as the search engine crawlers about the pages and links on your website.


This single document or a page serves as an invite to the spiders, notifying them of the pages available to crawl.

Why is it important?
When it comes to SEO, the sitemap serves a crucial purpose because it clearly tells the bots where to go and what pages to index. This saves the bot’s time and yours and makes navigation an easy task. If you are updating pages or adding a new one, sitemaps serve as bells informing the search engine of your action and this makes the indexing of your website faster.
When you submit sitemaps, you do not have to depend on external links bringing the bots to your website. This is direct communication between you and the search engines allowing the bots a peek into your website’s pages, their relevancy and category in a systematic manner.

How to create one?
With Google, XML (a kind of file) sitemaps work the best. In order to generate a sitemap, you can either download sitemap generator programs or do everything online using sitemap creation tools. The website http://xml-sitemaps.com allows easy generation of the sitemap in simple steps. This file needs to be uploaded on the server in document root and then, just submit the sitemap’s URL (not the file) to the search engine and you are good to go.

This way, the bots can index your website smartly the next time they pay a visit and an optimized site, when indexed properly, will definitely bear fruitful rankings.


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